Each Epiphany Weekend costs around $3,500. This covers lunch, dinner, and snacks for 3 days, craft supplies for table activities, and birthday cakes plus a birthday gift and Bible for each Star. You can become part of this life-changing ministry by making your tax-deductible donation via PayPal :


Approximately 40-50 volunteers are needed to successfully conduct an Epiphany Weekend event. Volunteers form two teams: an "outside" team that cooks meals for the weekend and an "inside" team that spends 11-12 hours a day inside the facility with the youth. If you are at least 18 years old, attend a place of worship regularly, and want to make a difference in the lives of youthful offenders, please contact us!

Get Involved

People all over the world can play a vital role in the success of an Epiphany Weekend by agreeing to pray for 30 minutes.  As a result, we are covered in prayer 24 hours a day throughout the event.  You can show God's love in a more visible way by attending the closing ceremony on the last day.  You can hear for yourself how the events of the weekend impacted the Stars.  Contact us for details.


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